Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Weekend (Part 2)

So of course after being outside and enjoying the weather all day on Saturday we were all very excited that the weather was even nicer today!

After church we stopped off at Lowe's so Jared could get some things he needed to hang the boys swings in our backyard:

The boys and I enjoyed playing in the grass and riding around in our wagon while Jared worked at hanging the swings. The boys loved watching Nestle play fetch and of course pulling up on their wagon:

Did I mention that we are working on "sharing"?

I think they enjoy their new swings, what do you think? :o)

After such a fun and BUSY day the boys enjoyed reading their bedtime story and were in bed by 6:30pm! I'm sure they will have sweet dreams and will be ready to go again in the morning!

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