Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

I put the boys in their costumes a handful of times over the past few weeks just in case they didn't enjoy trick or treating....what was I thinking? What kid doesn't love to go door to door and get candy? These two were naturals and also enjoyed walking in others peoples houses and waving "hi" when they opened the door. All in all, Halloween was a huge hit around here!

Our friend, Hudson (and his parents), invited us to go to their Halloween parade and we had a blast! We started our trick or treating in their neighborhood before continuing our candy spree well past our bedtime. The boys would try to eat their candy on the way from one house to the next (pretty smart!), so we were constantly pulling wrappers and chocolate out of their mouths but I can't blame them...their Mommy is a big fan of chocolate too :o)

We also enjoyed playing with our pumpkins the day after Halloween....taking the tops on and off and on and off.....

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