Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Buds

I seriously cannot take enough pictures of all of the cute things that Coleman and Carter do during the day. They LOVE each other and are truly best buds which is the sweetest thing to watch. They constantly bring each other their sippy cups, a stuffed animal, a toy, or anything they can. We have started "time out" at our house for biting, which has worked wonders only because I think they are so sad to be away from their buddy for the 30 seconds they are there. Their "twin talk" is really starting to become apparent as they have all kinds of conversations that I'm out of the loop on, but I don't mind listening to their sweet little discussion :o) And they also LOVE to wrestle and play chase.

Here's a video of them cruising around our kitchen...and yes, Jared's home office is right underneath this...I'm sure he was not enjoying it as much as Coleman and Carter were!

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