Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree....again...

I love a good deal, and a month or so ago I bought a Groupon for a Christmas tree, hayride, smores, and hot chocolate at a tree farm about 45 minutes away. I figured if the tree turned out to be a problem with the boys, at least we had all of the other fun things to keep as memories!

Well, We loaded the boys up on Friday morning and headed to the tree farm...ony when we got there we saw the sign that said they did not open until nooon (it was 10:30am), but they were really sweet and told us that we could still pick out a tree and they'd help load it up. So the boys chased a bunny (see video) and played with the goats and we picked out our tree and off we went...

...until our tree fell off of our car on the way home! Jared and I just looked at each other and we realized there was no way for us to get it back, so we notified the police and off tree, no hot chocolate, no hayride, no smores, but we did have a pretty funny memory.

So Sunday we headed to Home Depot and bought our 2nd Christmas tree...the boys LOVE the tree!! They want to decorate and undecorate the tree, so this year we just have lights but they loved "helping" Jared get it all ready and eating Christmas sugar cookies to celebrate.

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