Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fun Family Weekend!!

We are always on the go and lately it has started to wear me out! I'm not sure if it's because the boys are getting older and are just more active, or if it's because we have been out of town so much. We were still on the go this weekend, but it was all locally and without any schedule whatsoever which made it pure bliss. Jared and I even made brunch after church and watched a movie while the boys napped...something we NEVER do. We are typically cutting the grass, cleaning the house, or catching up on house projects...needless to say, it was a nice welcomed change. We started the weekend with the Kids Workshop at Home Depot...the boys LOVED it and are pretty much obsessed with the truck that they helped build.
Here are the boys and Jared taking a walk at the Roswell Mill
"Waters...dere it is.."
Coleman and Carter watching (or wrestling..) cartoons on our bed...
Washing their firetruck...these two love to clean!
Then they used the back of their firetruck to climb up onto the changing table (always up to something, these two!)...
Playing at the park...
And topping it all off with a dance party on their dresser... Good night my sweet boys!

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