Sunday, July 29, 2012

Potty Training!!!

You probably read the title and thought I was crazy. Well, two two year old boys will do that to you! I won't lie...I've dreamed about a day of no diapers since those two cute little guys were born, but the thought of them giving them up also meant my babies were growing in a way, I didn't want to even think about potty training for at least another year. EXCEPT, I have a child who is J-U-S-T like his Daddy...he watches anything and everything that you do, wants to imitate it, do it himself, AND...he suddenly began telling me when he was wet, had a "stinky" and wanted to come to the bathroom with me every time I went (fun times, huh?). So I knew I needed to act on the potty training bandwagon while it was still interesting to him or it would take forever once he wasn't into it anymore. Our first day (I had to move the potty into the den bc one would go when I was in the bathroom with the other!) Day 1
Day 2
Day 3...Team Effort!
With the bootcamp, you start out on day 1 throwing away all your diapers...this I found to be a little extreme and I'm frugal, so we threw away one each. Then, we put on our big boy undies, Thomas the Train of course, talked about how we want to keep Thomas dry, here was the potty, etc. etc. And...proceed no less than 2 dozen accidents. After day 1 I was really questioning my intent on starting these boys on the potty, but after a glass of wine and a rereading of the bootcamp (to ensure that this was normal) I decided to give it another day. After all, Carter was starting to really catch on and I'd cleared our schedule so what was there to lose? Day 2 and 3 went AWESOME! They both started to really click about the potty, how they need to sense that they need to go, etc....but they'd forget to take down their undies when they sat on the potty. Fun times, right? You have no idea. I'll spare you all of the dirty (literally) details of how our potty training really went, but I will say that the 3 day potty training bootcamp DOES work if your munchkin is does and will take more than 3 days, but the concept is engrained in them after 72 hours...pretty amazing stuff. Top 5 things I learned about potty training: 1. Twins are a TOTALLY different ballgame when potty training! Throw all reward systems, M&M's, etc out the window because if one goes potty and the other doesn't they have a complete meltdown that they aren't getting a prize. 2. The potty dance song is addictive and WILL get stuck in your head. 3. Youtube videos of other kids going potty are awesome for your kids to teaching kids! 4. If your child is in the corner, he's probably not playing hide and seek... 5. Mass quantities of undies are needed...and they are the cutest things coming out of the dryer. All in all, we've had a successful week and the boys only wear diapers at nighttime...I can't even make it 12 hours without getting up, so I figure it is unfair to expect that of a 2 year old! Carter is pretty much trained and Coleman is very close but still has two or so accidents a day.

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