Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

I've always wanted to run the Peachtree Road Race in's the world's largest 10k (6.2 mile) road race in the United States with 60,000 runners...which also makes it one of the most difficult races to get into! You can apply to get in through a lottery system in March (which I did but was unsuccessful at) and if you don't get in...scour Craigslist. While I was bummed I didn't get in through the lottery, I also thought it was okay since 6 miles is a long way to run! I changed my mind on July 3rd when one of my girl friends (who is also a mom to 2 year old twin boys) said that she wanted to run. Soooo...some Craigslist searching and an hour later we had race numbers in our hands for the big race. Here we are lined up before the race began...
After the race...
It really was the most fun race that I have ever run in! There were bands every 1/4 mile and HUGE crowds watching and cheering you was definitely hot towards the end but a GREAT way to start the 4th and one that I hope to do every year! Last night we also decided to bring the boys to fireworks for the first time. They LOVED staying up late...they were like wild men..W.I.L.D men and said "whoa" as the fireworks went off and would tell us what color each one was. This lasted all of 3 maybe 4 minutes before they were done with the fireworks and wanted to run around...two two year olds can be tough to keep up with...especially after running 6 miles! Here are some attempts at pictures!

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