Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Boys, Big Falls!

Today was the boys 1 year check up at the doctor's office. Since we are on an alternative vaccine schedule they were only due for one shot instead of many but that turned out to be the least exciting event of the day.

While the doctor (whom I think is amazing) was checking Coleman's ears, etc. while he was lying on the exam table I was busy asking about a zillion questions. She turned to answer my questions and I guess got so caught up in our conversation that she took her hand off of Coleman. Before anyone in the room could react he had rolled off of the table and onto the floor. Thankfully, he landed mainly on his bottom and then rolled backwards but it still scared him (and all of us) to death and let's just say it took a few minutes for him to calm down and for my heart to get back into my chest. She checked him out and of course she felt terrible, but the good news is that he is fine without any bumps or bruises after such a fall.

Carter on the other hand was crawling and pulling up on the ottoman in our den and fell, but as he fell he hit his forehead on the corner of the ottoman and has a line and bruise already to show for it. He was not a big fan of the ice but we were able to get it on his head for a few minutes. Not even an hour later I was changing Coleman's diaper in their playroom when Carter climbed up on his anywhere chair (basically a kids cushioned chair) and fell backwards landing on his back and head. After some Mommy snuggles and kisses he was right back to being Mr. Curious and seems fine also.

So all in all, the Haden boys had a pretty eventful and not so wonderful day today. Bless their little hearts! I'm hoping tomorrow brings smiles, sunshine, and lots of good times.

There are so many changes that all start tomorrow for these big guys! Up until now they have had a few things of table food, but mainly goldfish, cheerios and puffs were their snacks. Starting tomorrow we are moving towards 3 meals of table food (they can now eat anything that we eat) and are eliminating the formula for whole milk and working on switching from bottles to sippy cups. I'll start in a transition stage of course instead of doing everything all at once, but it's still hard to believe that they are no longer "babies" but are now considered toddlers!

Here are their stats today at their visit:
Carter~ 19.1lbs and 29.75 inches (he is finally beating his brother in weight and height!)
Coleman~ 18.12lbs and 29.5 inches

Here's Carter at lunch after their appointment...apparently he is ready to start more table food today!

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