Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoo Time

We decided to get a season pass to the zoo since it is such a fun thing to do and the boys really enjoy animals...although their all time favorite is by far Nestle. Yesterday was SUCH a beautiful day, so zoo bound we were and we asked Nana if she'd like to join in the fun.

The boys loved seeing all of the animals and Coleman managed to try and have his own little conversation with the panda bear while she was eating.

Of course we had to go to the petting zoo! Coleman LOVED touching all of the animals, but he is not the gentlest when it comes to petting and was trying to grab and squeeze their ears and fur. Thank goodness they were patient with him and we were quick to grab those little hands when they got too tight! He is slowly learning though and I know he is going to love the petting zoo this season as he gets more used to it!

Carter on the other hand was much more comfortable in my arms and preferred to look at the animals..not touch a single one. He does love to pet Nestle, so hopefully he'll warm up to the goats, pigs, and sheep soon!

Then it was off to ride the choo choo train...Carter was okay with it and was really interested in trying to look around and figure it all out, but Coleman cried pretty much the whole time...it was loud and he is not a fan of loud noises (which is why I have to vacuum at night when they're asleep too!). I'm sure he'll grow out of that soon though and will love riding the choo choo! I know I did :o)

All in all it was a great day and the boys were wiped out from their adventures!

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