Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birmingham Bound!!

Yesterday the boys an I decided to take a road trip for them to meet two of their future girlfriends (and for me to see these cute girls mommies too!). We started our day off as soon as it was time for the boys morning nap and they were snoozing along great until we ran into traffic on I-20 and came to a complete stop. Needless to say, it wound up being a LONG car ride for Coleman, Carter, and I. We made a pit stop at Chikfila before finally making it to Kelley's house to visit with Miss Lily who just turned one!

We had a great time playing with all of Lily's toys and taking over her house as fast as we could with all of our gear and two crawling and curious boys. Lily is the cutest thing and it was so awesome to get to see the three of them play together. I just wish that we lived closer so that this could be a weekly playdate!!

After visiting with Miss Lily and Kelley we headed off to Anna's house to see our other girlfriend who is now a week old! Yup, a one year old and a one week old are our girlfriends :o). Miss Virginia was so sweet and has the best personality already! I couldn't help but smile at what a cute family Anna, Ryan, William and now Miss Virginia are!! It was really hard for me to leave them and say goodbye...good thing we will be back soon for William's 2nd birthday party!!

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