Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I like to move it, move it...

Coleman and Carter crack me up on a daily basis. Life has definitely become more interesting around here as they have become quite the fast crawlers and of course are pulling up on anything and everything and think the world is their oyster (which it pretty much is as far as I'm concerned!). They LOVE to explore the house and always seem to want to be into something they shouldn't be...no surprise on being a boy and doing that I guess! One of their favorite things to do is crawl around the house and "chase" each other now and then laugh when they catch each other...it's adorable. I was able to capture Coleman as he was on the hunt for Carter yesterday morning.

The boys are also starting to "twin talk" a ton! In case you aren't sure what that is it just means they're basically making all kinds of noises and babbling at each other and it's directly towards one another...they've even developed their own little laugh that they do towards one another...I'm already starting to feel left out of their conversations!

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