Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Wheels Keep on Rollin'

So Jared and I have been researching (okay, more so Jared than myself) strollers and trying to decide which one is right for us. I never knew there were SO many to choose from! We knew that we definitely wanted a jogging stroller since that is something I enjoy doing and that we wanted something that was going to last these boys for a few years, as well as something that had to be EASY to break down and set up since we don't really have the option of slinging our child on a hip and walking in a store...although I'm sure it would be a funny sight! We came to a final decision on the Easywalker Duo and were fortunate enough to find someone who was actually selling theirs, brand new and still in the box, for less than retail. Here is a picture of our new (and huge) stroller that I have a feeling is soon to become our best friend.

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