Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coleman and Carter

Before Thanksgiving Jared and I decided on names for our two sweet boys that will be here in a few months. We started this process long ago with a date to Barnes and Noble. We went there to actually buy a book with baby names but with so many to choose from, we wound up grabbing one of each and sitting at the coffee shop browsing through them and making a list of the names that we both liked. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be!! So many names reminded me of a student that I'd had in class or knew through my school, or it would be a name that one of us liked and the other didn't, etc. We did agree to officially eliminate all "J" names from the list though...we are not the Duggers! That night there were two names that we both really liked but we continued to play around with our list of 15 or so. We decided to finally narrow it down in November, and made the decision to stick with the two we both initially liked: Coleman Jared and Carter Thomas. Neither of the first names are family names, however the middle names are. Jared is obviously named after that sweet hubby of mine, and Thomas is after my Dad. We then decided that we wanted to tell the grandparents over Thanksgiving in a unique and cute way, so here are some pictures of the burp cloths and poem that Jared and I created to spread the news!

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