Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A whole new world...

When I went to my perinatal specialist for our 26 week appointment he re-measured my cervix. The month beforehand it was measuring 3.5cm which he said was okay, but not wonderful. Unfortunately when we went back at 26 weeks my cervix had shortened to 2.8cm when it was stressed (he applied pressure). This means that I am basically on the warning borderline (anything 2.5cm or less is not a good sign and requires bed rest and/or progesterone injections). Soooo...we compromised and I told him that I would modify my schedule. I had been on my feet constantly at school and out and about for the holidays and hadn't really given myself a break by staying off of my feet. He agreed that we could try that and he would re-measure me the following week. It has stayed at a 2.8, so we are able to continue modifying our day (yay!)! All of this means that I am bound to the electric carts at Target and the grocery store (which can actually be quite fun) and I had to sit in a wheelchair to take our hospital tour.

It's definitely a whole new perspective being dependent on others and avoiding being the independent and busy body woman that I am so used to being, but Jared has been amazing and has been doing double duty the past few weeks. We are now 28 weeks and only have 10 weeks to go until these boys are here! I am willing to do anything and everything I can to keep those sweet boys baking as long as I possibly can!

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