Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Hard Workin' Man

I stole the idea for our nursery off of the HGTV website. It was one of those "rate my space" links and the lady had twin boys and had used the same bedding that we had purchased for our sweet little guys. We did change some things around and knew that we wanted to do something different with the paint. I suggested painting a stripe around the wall to break things up, and my smart hubby suggested two stripes. He was so incredibly sweet measuring and making sure the stripes were perfectly straight for his boys and wouldn't let me be anywhere near the upstairs while he was painting. It came out looking great!!! Here is a picture of the work in progress. I'll post some finished pictures in the next week or so after the quote and elephants on the walls are finished.

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Anna said...

Maybe I should have hired Jared to paint my nursery. There are still splatters of paint on the windows and floor. I guess that was Ryan's way of getting out of any other painting for the rest of our lives.