Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beach Babes

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year and decided that a family trip to the beach would be a great way to celebrate their milestone. Spending time with family is such a blessing, and I have lived in a different state than my parents and brother since college so this was a great trip to just enjoy one another's company and laugh at old times and new.

We headed out early Saturday morning and had many moments of one happy baby and one not so happy baby in the car, and I spent a LOT of time in between the boys giving them "snacks" of a few ounces of milk. They are definitely growing boys!

We finally made it to the beach and I was eager to get the boys in their swimsuits and take them on their first beach walk.They loved looking at all of the new surroundings and listening to the waves and this became our daily morning start...

It wasn't long before they were asleep...

We had SO much fun playing on the beach and making memories this week that if I were to talk about each one this post would go on for waaaayyy too long, so here are some of my favorite pictures of the hundreds that I took this week. Enjoy!

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