Friday, September 24, 2010

Splish Splash

The boys have been using their infant bath seat (thank you, Anna!) and have loved it but today we decided to try them in their "big boy" bath seats where they could sit and face each other. Jared and I thought it was the coolest thing...the boys on the other hand were not so sure. Oh well, we'll pull them back out in a few weeks and give it another whirl...until then it made for some cute pics!

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Anna said...

I think when I first put William in his big seat in the bathtub he was cold. In the infant seat I had put pretty much his whole body except for his head under the water. My solution was a space heater. I got the bathroom nice and warm before he went in there. If you don't have a heater just turn the shower on hot for a few minutes and steam up the bathroom. Give it a few more days...I'm sure they will LOVE it!