Monday, September 20, 2010

They go together like peas and carrots...

I had to use that as the title since I love Forrest Gump!

This morning the boys had their first REAL solid food!!! Everything that I had read said to start on peas or carrots because they are low in sugar and were a good texture, etc. Well, I thought that I had bought some carrots but it turned out that I had bought sweet potato baby food (they're both orange so it was an easy mix up, right?). I'll just blame that on the never ending "baby brain" and lack of sleep that I seem to be experiencing lately. Anyways, I had purchased some peas (thankfully), so with the peas we started. I didn't have high hopes for the boys really liking the peas (who truly does), but they did AWESOME! Here are some fun pictures from our morning. After this week I hope to be making all of their baby food...I can't wait until they are trying all sorts of new things but right now we are slowly introducing one food at a time for 5 days before starting any others. So, pass the peas please :o)

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