Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Class

The boys had their first music class this morning and they had a GREAT time (and so did Nana and I)! I had been searching for a while for a class that we could join and wasn't super expensive (remember, everything is times two!) and we finally found it at a local church. The class was great and is christian focused, which makes it even more awesome! We sang songs, shook all kinds of shakers, played with colorful scarves, and did some marches. I don't know if the boys enjoyed shaking the shakers or putting them in their mouths the most, but either way it was a hit! At the end of the class they gave us a cd so we can continue to have fun at our house while we wait for next weeks class.


Anna said...

They are loving those shakers!

TBG said...

Glad yall had so much fun! The boys and I need to check one of those classes out!

btw you look FANTASTIC!!! totally jealous :) mom pointed out to me that "janetandjared" (what youre often referred to as in convo b/c of the blog lol) "was in a BIKINI at the beach!" hahaha.... she said it should be encouragement to me that it could be done, and it is. now if you could help me find the time/energy/activity to get there? haha