Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Boy Crib!!

For the past two months, Jared and I have had the boys sleeping in a pack n' play next to our bed. This made things a lot easier as I got up and down all night long to replace pacifiers, cuddle a baby, and to make sure that they were sleeping peacefully. They are currently sleeping with a 6 hour stretch at night when they first go down, followed by a 4-5 hour stretch. This is an ideal night, not necessarily most nights. I am using the Baby Wise schedule approach (you have to have a schedule with twins or you would go crazy!), and so far it seems to be working well. The next step in Baby Wise is for us to establish a "wake time" that is the same time everyday. This helps the boys continue to regulate their metabolisms and to start setting their internal clocks. Jared and I decided to start their wake times this morning and figured that we may as well go ahead and start them in their cribs so we don't have to fight that battle too when we want to move them to their room. The boys did GREAT and shared a crib (they still love to have each other close) and we slept in the guest room across from them with the video monitor in hand. It was a bittersweet moment as a mom to see our two little guys take such a big step...I can't believe that they are getting so big! I'm sure we will be staying in the guest room for a few months as they begin to hopefully start sleeping through the night but it is something that we are more than happy to do as these sweet boys continue to grow!! I took this picture with my cell phone (of course I took several with my camera also but haven't downloaded them yet), so forgive the quality of the picture.

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Anna said...

Sweet boys! I'm so proud of you for putting them in their own room already!