Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Very Own Themepark

As I've mentioned before, I am using the Babywise schedule system for our munchkins and I think it is really helping them to sleep for long stretches of time at night. It basically consists of a three hour schedule (except at night) that revolves around the babes eating, having waketime, and then napping. The waketime is so important because it helps the boys to nap until the next feeding and to understand the difference between day and night when they are not getting the waketime after their nighttime feedings.

Everything that I have read says that it is easier to have "stations" for twins during their waketime so that they do not get bored with one thing and you are stimulating them in more than one way. So here is what our typical waketime activity zone looks like...the boys seem to enjoy it!

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Anna said...

What does Nestle think about this? Is there any room left for her???