Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Weekend!!

This weekend was definitely a busy one for us! We had a lot of fun things planned and the boys were troopers as we moved them from one thing to the next.

Friday we went and met Kara and Monte at the courthouse so they could make their marriage official from their destination wedding to Turks and Caicos. Afterwards we took the boys to the mall to do some walking and Coleman decided that he wanted to be stylin' in his Daddy's sunglasses...

On Saturday we met Monte and Kara for breakfast after she finished her road race and decided to put on our big boy outfits!

Saturday night we headed up to our neighbor's house for a yummy cookout...can't wait for their baby girl to be born in July so we have another playmate!

Sunday the boys headed to their first official party! Kara hosted a wedding shower for Nicole and Todd's upcoming wedding and Coleman and Carter were invited to celebrate with the bride and groom to be. The boys had a great time being held and loved on by some of our amazing friends. These boys are definitely loved!! :o)

The bride and groom to be...

We were definitely tuckered out at the end of such a fun weekend!!!

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Anna said...

I guess with parents like you two those boys need to learn how to party with the best of them!