Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Time

One question that I seem to get asked a lot is if the boys are on the same schedule. YES, they definitely are and we help them to stay that way by waking one up when the other wakes up, feeding them at the same time, etc. The biggest challenge I faced once my Mom went back home was having to feed the boys at the same time. It sounds could just stick them in bouncers, put them on a pillow, etc. but eventhough the boys are on the same schedule they do not necessarily like to eat at the same time or have the same eating styles. I was thrilled on Friday when I put them in their Boppy's and they actually fit!! This has helped me tremendously with feeding them both. It is still a challenge but at least it's getting easier day by day.

We still LOVE our bouncy seats though after our feedings and for hanging out.

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Anna said...

You are such a good mama!!