Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Boys

I am a little biased of course but I think that we just have the sweetest boys. They hardly ever fuss, unless they are hungry, and I could take pictures of their cute expressions and movements all day long!! We had a fun weekend with our Daddy and it was finally a weekend that we didn't have a lot planned which was nice. Saturday was GORGEOUS outside, so we took the boys on some field trips (aka errands) and on a walk. Carter had so much fun that he was tuckered out by Saturday afternoon...

The boys are doing awesome on their schedule and the wake time is really starting to pay off. Last night Coleman slept from 11:30-7am. Carter woke up around 4:15am, ate a little bit, and went back to sleep until 7am. Since he only took a small amount at the 4am feeding it shows that he is not waking up because he is starvin' Marvin' and is still doing it out of habit. Hopefully he will start skipping that feeding soon! They were bright eyed and bushy tailed after their first feeding this morning and went down for their naps after having some play time. I am SO proud of our boys and the big boy progress that they seem to be making. They sure know how to make a momma's heart smile!!

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