Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Month Doctor's Visit

Yesterday Coleman and Carter had their two month well visit and were scheduled for shots. After much deliberation I decided to follow my gut and have the boys follow an alternative immunization schedule. I just wasn't comfortable overloading their tiny little systems with so much medicine since they are still so small. I may have felt differently had they been full term but I felt this was the best for us. So, instead of the four shots they were scheduled for the boys received just one shot and one oral medication. They will go back next month for two more shots and will basically go monthly instead of bimonthly.

Carter and Coleman both did GREAT with their shot! They both had a little bit of a cry for a few seconds and then it was all over with. They also had a pretty good night, which is not what I was expecting, so I was pleased with my little troopers.

Carter is now the chunkamunk weighing in at 9.75lbs and 21.25 inches long while Coleman is 9.3lbs and 20.75 inches long. I can't believe that they gained 3 pounds in a month!! We've definitely got some good eaters on our hands. :o)

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